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Students may take and transfer a maximum of 10 of their last 30 credits for graduation from another four-year institution. In addition, the program also teaches students how to analyze and investigate problems in public policy, such as health care, welfare policy, family policy, and immigration.

College of Arts and Letters Requirements What is the foreign language requirement. To graduate with honors, it is also necessary to have an overall GPA of 3. The thesis encouraged me to think about how to construct scientific language and to think critically about my research.

What is the language proficiency test. The introductory course sequence is not a conventional survey of political theory, but introduces students to a theoretical way of thinking about politics and moralitytracking the development of Western political thought over time from its origins in ancient Greek city-stateits Honors thesis msu in the Florentine republicand its coalescence into the modern liberal democratic consensus during the Enlightenmentwhich they can then use as a basis of comparison in analyzing the American experience.

Do students have to retake courses in which they receive a 1. If you join the honors program, you get to live on central campus. The last thing you need is another project especially one so large that makes you groan. We do not have a required minimum GRE score.


Do you have the time and energy to put into such a project. Emphasizes the fields of biochemistry, cell biology, genetics, and evolution, focusing specifically on the roles they play in current human form and function.

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In addition, a wide range of electives, including courses on technology, religion and politics including, recently, political Islamthe Supreme Court and African-American political thought, are available to allow students to pursue more specialized interests relevant to the general concerns of the field.

Topics include Mendelian and non-Mendelian concepts, chromosome theory of inheritance, linkage and gene mapping, structure and function of DNA, regulation of gene expression, mutations and fundamentals of population genetics.

Majors[ edit ] Majors are chosen at the end of the freshman year, during which all students are required to take yearlong introductory courses in writing and public affairs: Under the semester system, two cognates are required, a minimum of 12 credits each.

The student must receive at least a 2. Major code for the MA program is ; PhD program code is See the adviser for application of specific transfer credit.

Contains a research component to be developed in conjunction with supervising faculty member. Funk Improves communication skills in oral, social, and electronic contexts, and introduces students to communication and research skills necessary in the digital age.

Provides an opportunity for experimental study in an area of Biology. Light-emitting diodes in horticulture, p. Integrative studies CIS requires: Students who major in English may minor in film studies. How is the new film studies major different from the film studies concentration.

Political Economy approaches the study of public affairs by incorporating economic, political, social, and historical considerations in the analysis. Instead of performing mathematical tasks, students will learn, bit by bit, the inventions and processes of discovery from various cultures around the globe that have built and continue to build mathematics to this day.

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Do you have the faculty connections. Students planning to transfer any courses are urged to consult with the English adviser before enrolling in the class in order to ensure that the course will transfer appropriately. Beginning with the freshman class that matriculated Fallstudents, including transfers, will meet the math requirement either with a designated math placement test score or by completing MTH and ; MTH, H, or ; or STT or.

Chiara Zuccarino-Crowe native fish species in the Apostle Islands region, Lake Superior. Master’s Thesis, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI. Chiara Zuccarino-Crowe (Page 3 of 5) AWARDS and HONORS: Michigan State University (MSU) Travel Grants: Graduate School Travel Fellowship, ; International.

The Honors Thesis. The Department offers Honors students the opportunity to complete an Honors Thesis. The Honors Thesis is a substantial work of independent research or scholarship, to be supervised by a faculty member in the Department and evaluated by an Honors Thesis Committee.

Students complete an Honors thesis based on their research with a faculty mentor. Many students have commented on the usefulness of the Honors research and thesis in preparing them for graduate study, as well as providing insight into various career options.

From the MSU Denver Honors Program site: "The Metropolitan State University of Denver Honors Program is a community of highly motivated and academically adventurous students and faculty members dedicated to working together to attain new levels of achievement.

The honors program is strictly a set of academic courses, usually including a senior thesis or research project with a faculty member. Why Honors Colleges State-supported schools have honors programs to attract and retain students who might have otherwise chosen another school, whether it be a highly regarded privately-supported liberal arts.

Fall Honors Thesis Symposium. Mark your calendars! The Fall Honors Thesis Symposium will be held Friday, December 7th in SSBCAVEA. Join us at the Honors Thesis Symposium to see honors students present their research in a public forum.

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