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The release brought Stinkin' Rich to the attention of members of Halifax alternative rock band Sloan.

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People always ask me "how do you go about as far as recruiting. If there was a crew battle maybe obviously everyone could participate, but what if there's a two on two, 1on1, 3on3, how do you decide as a group who goes out to represent your crew.

Myself, I was introduced to breaking culture since ; being a b-girl has allowed me to travel extensively in North America and Europe to participate in battles, attend conferences, and perform in hip-hop and contemporary dance festivals.

So yeah, it's not just on a raw skill level.

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In the b-boy community, the Freestyle Session event is kind of like the Super Bowl of breaking! Freestyle Session is an event that is put on by a promoter called Cros1 in San Diego.

He throws this event that's like the Super Bowl, the best of the best b-boys compete at this event. He has been involved in hip-hop since as a b-boy, MC and graffiti artist and was one of the founders of Black Noise intoday the country’s longest surviving hip-hop band. Trained as a teacher, Emile is a full-time cultural activist, who uses hip-hop as a platform for social activism.

Bboy thesis myspace
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